I Got Them Old Kosmic Climate Change Blues Again Mama

This song was written by Kemp Harris with lyrics by Betsy Mena, Bill Tibbs, Bob Lightfoot, Chris G., Christina Jarvis, Erin Dow, Janet Wallstein, Jeff Halverson, Jim Sersich, John Robbins, Kathy Roth, Linda Caldwell, Lisa Ward, Mags Darnton, Marilyn H., Renee, Rob G., Steve Whitney, Tony Thomas, and Tricia Coleman.

Monday: Earth’s Restless Climate

Your Primer to Climate Change Past, Present & Future Listen to Jeff’s talk from this morning by playing the file below and see his slides below (click on image to advance). The jingle we learned was that the Silicate Rock Weathering Thermostat takes carbon dioxide “out of the air, into the rain, onto the rocks,Continue reading “Monday: Earth’s Restless Climate”