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Star Union 2022: Weathering Ch-ch-ch Changes

Join our multi-generational conference with morning youth (ages 6-16) programming, theme talks and workshops, plus activities that explore the island, the world and ourselves: birdwatching, kayaking, yoga, art and music plus much more.  Our speakers will be composer and performer Kemp Harris and University of Maryland professor Jeffrey Halverson, meteorology expert for the Washington Post. Dr. Halverson has worked with NASA and the National Hurricane Center to build a better understanding of extreme weather and climate change. Together, they will inspire us, through talks and storytelling, to share ideas for weathering our earth’s and life’s changes. Even with all these activities, there will be plenty of time for quiet reflection and time to explore and appreciate the beauty and tranquility of Star Island.  

Our programming will take place in a gorgeous waterfront venue that offers a stunning panorama of Gosport Harbor. We take care and hospitality seriously, and Star Union is known for superior professional musicians, exquisite Social Hours, Island Engagement programming for all ages, and a sense of contentedness. We endeavor to practice the Star Spirit!

Our third year on the island

Youth Program

As Star Union grows, the conference is introducing its youth program in 2022. Led by a team of creative artists, young people from 6-16 will gather in a multi-age group to express their vision for the future through drama, learn to appreciate the island’s bountiful natural resources and build their own caring community.

Dates and Fees

June 26 – July 3 (After Thursday, May 26, registrations will go onto a waiting list.)

Conference fee
This helps to cover hospitality, insurance, and staff members.

Youth 6-16

Conference Fee
This covers supplies and helps to offset leader expenses
$85 (Family maximum $365)

Children below 6

No conference fee
Parents of children under 6 should contact coordinators to discuss arrangements for them.

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Thank you for visiting with us here – we hope to spend more time with you on the rock!